Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (or BI) works to predict, track, analyze, and present information as it relates to business performance.

PrimaSoft's Business Intelligence services provide the tools your company needs to translate data into actionable information.

Business Intelligence programs require process transformation, new resources and competencies. Does your company struggle with key business decisions due to lack of information when and where it is needed?

This is where PrimaSoft can help.

We transform data into insight. We provide results which enable businesses to act in ways that are beneficial to the business and optimize performance. In short, this data to insight transformation now becomes a key strategic enabler of an enterprise's performance and success.

The PrimaSoft's BI process helps you to better understand your company:

  • Forecast through trend analysis.
  • Personalized reporting with up to the minute integrated information.
  • Key performance indicators.
  • Better understand the client base.
  • Develop a retention strategy for best customers through analysis of customers’ buying habits and loyalties.
  • Increase market awareness by exploring potential markets via product and brand analysis.
  • Monitor sales initiatives and strategically manage customer relationships effectively.
  • Uncover deficiencies and potential pitfalls in sales processes.

PrimaSoft's BI services are a blend of consulting and analytic support. Our domain consultants help with the definition of the problem at hand, define the information requirements, and use the analysis outcomes to create insights that help our customers with decision making.

Over the years, our clients have realized the following value from our BI services:

  • Data quality improvement.
  • Integrated information management across the organization
  • Improved customer (stakeholder) relationships
  • More efficient and impactful decision making
  • Improved accuracy in business projection and performance

PrimaSoft can help steer your business in the right direction on a more consistent basis in order to start delivering real results – results your company was destined to achieve.